Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (2022)

From The Mandalorian to Loki — the platform offers a huge range of content to stream, plus older favourites like Modern Family, The Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother. The best Disney Plus shows are diverse and cover a wide variety of themes and genres.

There used to be a Disney+ free trial on offer for new subscribers in the UK, from Disney itself, but that sadly ended after a couple of months in mid-2020. Don't worry, though, there are still some great bundles and offers to snap up.

There's a method to get 12 months for free if you're looking to get a new smartphone, a way to grab a free six months of Disney+ with an O2 SIM, and even the chance to bag a free Disney+ subscription on your existing Samsung smartphone.

Here's everything you need to know on how to grab a discounted Disney Plus subscription for your streaming device or smart TV.

Sign up for Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year

Best Disney+ deals at a glance:

Best Disney+ offers, discounts and deals for August 2022 in the UK

Save 15% with a Disney+ annual pass

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (1)

What's the deal: Simply grabbing the Disney Plus annual pass sees subscribers make a significant saving. If you pay the standard £7.99 a month that adds up to £95.88 for the year but purchasing the annual subscription costs just £79.90. That's a 15% saving.

Why we chose it: If you know you're likely to stick with your subscription for at least a year, this is a great option for you.

Disney Plus annual pass | £95.88 £79.90 (save £15.98 or 15%)

Get 12 months' Disney+ for free with a Samsung Galaxy phone

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (2)

What's the deal: Samsung is offering a free Disney Plus subscription on all eligible smartphones.

If you already have a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE , Samsung Galaxy S22 or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can bag a 12-month Disney+ subscription. If you're looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22+ or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can also claim 12 months of Disney+ for free.

Why we chose it: Who doesn't love a free subscription? Especially when it comes with a device you already have or were planning on buying anyway. Existing Samsung customers have until 14th October 2022 to make the most of this offer, and new Samsung customers can enjoy 12 months of Disney Plus if they redeem their offer by 30th September 2022.

Claim your Samsung Galaxy Disney Plus Boost

If you'd prefer a monthly contract rather than buying outright, Mobiles.co.uk offers 12 months of Disney+ for free on selected Samsung Galaxy phone bundles: the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Get a year of Disney+ for free with Mobiles.co.uk

Six months' free Disney+ with an O2 SIM

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (3)

What's the deal: If you're upgrading an O2 SIM, or switching to O2 from another network, then you can bag up to six months of Disney+ for free as part of your new deal.

Depending on the plan you choose and how much it costs per month, you can select additional 'Plus' benefits from O2. A Disney+ subscription is one of those available at the moment.

For example, if you commit to a 24-month plan, paying £15 per month for 30GB of data, you can get six months of Disney+ for free.

Why we chose it: If you're on the lookout for a sim or you're an O2 customer renewing, this is an easy way to bag yourself some free Disney+. We recommend weighing up how much data you'll actually use to make sure you're still getting the best value.

Shop SIM-only plans on O2

Rivals Vodafone offer similar streaming bundles with some of their devices and plans, but these feature Spotify, YouTube Premium and Amazon Prime Video, rather than Disney+.

Shop SIM-only plans on Vodafone

Save £2 on Disney+ each month with O2 Priority

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (4)

What's the deal: We've already mentioned one Disney+ deal from O2, but this one helps out those of you who are existing O2 customers. Add Disney+ to your plan and get it for £2 less.

Why we chose it: If you're an existing O2 customer, this is a great way to save on a Disney+ subscription. While £2 might not seem like a huge saving, the subscription isn't too expensive in the first place, so it's a saving worth making.

Sign up to Disney+ to claim the offer. Or, if you're already a Disney+ user, simply add it as an 'Extra' on your plan. You'll be able to claim £2 off each month for six months.

Disney Plus for existing O2 customers | £7.99 per month £5.99 per month (save £2 or 25%)

Buy a Disney+ gift card

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (5)

What's the deal: Looking for the perfect gift for a Disney-obsessed pal? Whether they're a big Star Wars, Marvel or Disney classics fan, they're sure to get a lot out of this subscription.

The same savings on the annual subscription can be made on a Disney+ gift card, making it easy to gift the platform's amazing range of entertainment.

Why we chose it: This is a thoughtful gift, and one that's easy to match with the interests of a close friend or relative. Plus, you're likely to see some of that great content yourself – win, win.

Disney Plus gift card | £95.88 £79.90 (save £15.98 or 15%)

Get 10% credit with Virgin Media Stream

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (6)

What's the deal: Virgin Media's new all-in-one streaming TV box, Stream, lets you store every app, channel, and streaming subscription in one place, so it's super simple to find them.

Stream also lets you cancel and re-subscribe to platforms at the touch of a button, so you can easily manage your subscriptions (and your finances).

If you subscribe to Disney+ through Stream, you'll get 10% credit applied to your monthly broadband bill. So although you're not saving money off the £7.99 Disney+ monthly subscription fee, you're saving money overall and that's what matters.

Why we chose it: Stream is available at no extra cost to Virgin Media broadband users, just one £35 activation fee, so it's perfect for Virgin Media customers. Plus, if you need to cancel, then re-subscribe to Disney+, Stream makes this straightforward, too.

If you're a new Virgin Media broadband customer, prices start from £26 per month for an 18-month contract. Currently, there's no set-up fee; usually, it's £35 but at the moment, it's free!

10% credit on Virgin Media broadband | starting from £28 £25.20 (save 10%)

For more information on the streaming TV box, read our guide to What is Virgin Media Stream.

By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Disney+ for £2 per month with Tesco Clubcard

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (7)

What's the deal: Tesco Clubcard holders can use £6 in Clubcard vouchers to purchase three months of Disney+. That's just £2 per month instead of the usual £7.99 per month.

Why we chose it: This is a fantastically low price for three months of Disney+ and will no doubt be popular with Tesco Clubcard users.

Disney+ bundles

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (8)

Bad news. Unfortunately, when it comes to Disney+ bundles, the UK market is poorly served.

US customers can pay $13.99 a month for an expanded subscription which also includes ESPN+ and Hulu ($13.99 with adverts or $19.99 without).

This isn't available in the UK right now, but we wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of similar bundle land soon. We'll update this page with the latest offerings when it does.

Is Disney+ free with Amazon Prime Video UK?

Disney Plus offers for August 2022: latest deals and how to get Disney Plus free (9)

This is a commonly asked question and unfortunately, the answer is no.

Previously, Amazon has offered US customers six months of Disney+ if they signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited.

However, if you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription – or are considering one – and want to watch Disney content, there are some great Disney films on there. The likes of Black Widow, Luca, Turning Red, The Little Mermaid and Lilo & Stitch are all available to buy or rent via Amazon Prime Video.

Sign up for free 30-day Amazon Prime Video trial

For more on streaming, take a look at our best streaming device round-up or head over to our guide on how to watch Disney Plus offline.


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